$271 Million Renovation And Revitalization Program To Begin At 16 Manhattan NYCHA Developments

Residents in 1,700 Apartments to Receive New Kitchens and Bathrooms in Addition to Upgrades to Major Building Systems and Enhanced Landscaping and Common Areas

Coalition of Mission-Driven Affordable Housing Organizations Begins New Era at Developments

NEW YORK, NY, November 30, 2020 – A program to renovate and revitalize 1,700 apartments across 16 Manhattan New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments today reached a major milestone as a coalition of mission-driven affordable housing organizations officially assumed responsibility for the properties.

PACT Renaissance Collaborative (PRC), a team of not-for-profit and for-profit partners that specialize in developing, maintaining and revitalizing affordable housing, will begin day-to-day management of the properties, which are home to nearly 3,000 residents. PRC, which was selected by NYCHA through a competitive process to undertake the initiative, expects to begin renovating the properties, including upgrades to all apartments, in January 2021.

“We’re excited to begin this partnership with the more than 2,900 residents who call these developments home,” said Kirk Goodrich, President of Monadnock Development, the initiative’s lead developer. “The team we’ve built is composed of individuals and firms that have devoted our careers to improving the quality of life of those we serve. We believe every New Yorker deserves a home that makes them comfortable, that they feel safe in, and that they are proud to live in – and that is the mission that will drive us in this effort. We’re grateful for the collaboration that has been central to this initiative since day-one and look forward to earning the trust of every resident by following through on our commitments.”

“Moving forward with PACT transactions is a central part of our strategy to help ensure all NYCHA residents have quality housing and permanent rights and affordability,” said NYCHA Chair & CEO Greg Russ. “This closing will generate significant capital to address the infrastructure needs of these developments and serve to improve the quality of life for our residents in a meaningful way.”

The milestone comes after a year and a half of engaging residents — which included more than 40 meetings and town halls, inspections of every unit, and surveys that informed social service plans to supplement current programming — to develop a final scope of work that incorporated their feedback.

Renovations and repairs will include:

  • New kitchen cabinets, appliances, counters and flooring in every apartment
  • New bathroom flooring and fixtures in every apartment
  • New windows and doors in every apartment
  • New flooring in common areas
  • Upgrades to elevators, heating and other mechanical systems
  • Thoughtfully designed landscaping, playgrounds and community facilities
  • Rehabilitation of roofs and facades across each development
  • Enhanced security measures that prioritize tenant safety

The vast majority of the renovations and repairs that are included in the scope of work originate from tenant feedback during the planning stages of the initiative in addition to the community needs assessment that was conducted after engaging with tenants on the plan.

“I have resided at P.S. 139 Conversion for 10 years, and served proudly in the capacity of the Resident Association President for 6 years,” said Audrey Clemons, the Resident Association President at Public School 139 (Conversion). “The residents and myself are ecstatic that our building was selected to be a part of the PACT/RAD program. With the planned upgrades, it won’t feel like we’re living in a public school building anymore but in a new luxury building. The new security upgrades will also bring safety and peace of mind to our seniors and we won’t have to worry about outside intrusions. There are even plans for a newly designed backyard and garden area that’s specifically equipped for seniors. We all feel really good about what’s planned.”

As the renovation and revitalization work of the initiative are slated to begin soon, PRC will continue to implement new programs that foster a strong relationship and ongoing dialogue with residents, including continued informational sessions about the initiative’s timeline and community events that bring both tenants and PRC together for activities and collaboration.

The partners that make up PRC have developed and revitalized over 200,000 affordable housing units in New York City and have addressed the social service needs of hundreds of thousands of the city’s residents. PRC is comprised of development partners Monadnock Development, LLC, Lemor Development Group, and Kalel Holdings, LLC; investment partners The Community Preservation Corporation and Community Development Trust; and social service and property management partners Community League of the Heights and Cornell Pace, Inc.

“NYCHA’s housing plays a critical role in the stability of the communities where it’s located and in the livelihood of tens of thousands of our most vulnerable New Yorkers. The pandemic has only amplified its importance and the need to preserve this key resource of deeply affordable housing,” said Rafael E. Cestero, President & CEO, The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC). “We’re proud to invest in New York City at this pivotal moment, and to partner with NYCHA and the other members of PRC on an initiative that will improve the quality of life of the nearly 3,000 people who call these developments home.”

“We’re thrilled to support the modernization and restoration of 16 NYCHA developments and to have a role in an initiative that will better the lives of thousands of New Yorkers,” said Joseph Reilly, President and CEO, The Community Development Trust. “This milestone is critical to the future of New York City’s public housing system, and it is also one that was achieved under extraordinary circumstances. We’re excited for what the future brings for this collaborative.”

The 16 developments – which range from small scattered-site walk-ups to large high-rise towers – will remain under NYCHA ownership and remain permanently affordable under NYCHA’s guidelines, with tenants continuing to pay 30% of their income toward rent.

The developments in this initiative include 335 East 111th Street, Park Avenue-East 122nd, 123rd Streets, Manhattanville Rehab (Group 2), Manhattanville Rehab (Group 3), Public School 139 (Conversion), Samuel (MHOP) I, Samuel (MHOP) II, Samuel (MHOP) III, Fort Washington Avenue Rehab, Grampion, Washington Heights Rehab (Groups 1&2), Washington Heights Rehab Phase III, Washington Heights Rehab Phase IV (C), Washington Heights Rehab Phase IV (D), Wise Towers, and 344 East 28th Street.

Work is expected to be complete by Spring of 2023. Tenants with maintenance concerns that need to be addressed should now contact PRC property management at 914.380.8220 or by visiting the property management portal at www.pactrenaissance.com.

About PACT Renaissance Collaborative

PACT Renaissance Collaborative (PRC) is a joint partnership of not-for-profit and for-profit entities selected by NYCHA to conduct repairs and capital improvements at 16 NYCHA developments in Manhattan. Comprised of The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), the Community Development Trust (CDT), Monadnock Development, Kalel Holdings, Lemor Development Group, Community League of the Heights (CLOTH) and Cornell Pace Inc. (CPI); collectively, PRC partners have developed, maintained and revitalized over 200,000 affordable housing units, and addressed social service needs of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.