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Company Culture

At CPC, our people are our greatest asset. Our dynamic culture, successful business, and deep impact in communities are driven by our collaborative, committed leadership and the entire team’s dedication to CPC’s mission and values.

We are dedicated to creating a culture of belonging and opportunity for all employees.

Our Values

At CPC, our values define who we are as an organization and guide the way we work with our partners, within our communities, and with each other.


We have a deep commitment to our mission. We work hard to create the best outcomes for our customers and communities, and we have fun doing it.


We respect, trust and empathize with others. We are supportive and responsive and value different perspectives. While we are diverse in backgrounds and skills, we are united by our values and our passion for bringing capital to underserved communities.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to add measurable value to neighborhoods, customers, and the industry. We go the extra mile to find the right solution and deliver on our commitments.


We believe in accountability and operate with the highest standards of integrity and transparency. We communicate openly and honestly with our partners and each other.


We embrace collaboration. The connections we foster with our colleagues, customers, government partners, and other like-minded organizations are crucial to improving housing quality and making a positive impact on the physical, social, and economic infrastructure of communities.

Why did you come to CPC? “Looking at the opportunities at CPC it seemed like a great culture fit as I wanted to work somewhere that provided agency and mission– building something that reduced housing inequity.”

Why have you stayed? “With CPC being in the real estate hub of the country, we work with some of the most challenging deals both construction and business wise, where else could I get a chance to do this? The people, the mission, and the fact that no deal at CPC is cookie cutter, we get to drive policy and impact underserved communities.”

Matthew Chang | AVP, Construction Portfolio Manager, New York City
6 years at CPC

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At CPC, we believe that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is collective work that must be undertaken by all CPC employees. It is our responsibility, as a company, to invest in the policies and practices needed to facilitate more empathetic and inclusive ways of working with our partners, within our communities and with each other. By focusing on greater learning and education, we aim to increase transparency, accountability and psychological safety; creating a more inclusive culture where all team members are supported, can contribute, and feel included.

A Brief History of DEIB at CPC

In June of 2020, a diverse group of employees met with our CEO for honest conversations on the current state of CPC’s culture and commitment to DEI, and to discuss opportunities for CPC to undertake direct, substantive DEI actions, both internally and externally. The conversations that came from that initial meeting catalyzed an all-volunteer DEI working group. The group quickly got to work implementing educational activities and heritage celebrations to improve cultural awareness and highlight the diversity of staff and the communities in which CPC serves.

In January 2023, CPC established a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Council.

Goals of the DEIB Council


Representation of difference (ability, age, education, ethnicity, gender/gender expression, immigration status, language, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status, etc.)


Ensuring organizational practices and policies are fair, impartial and consistent; access to opportunities and resources, while prioritizing the needs of the most marginalized


All are welcomed, included, and valued; being able to be your authentic self at work


A sense of community and connection; feeling of acceptance and inclusion

CPC in our Communities

We invest in our vibrant culture by creating new opportunities for our team to grow, learn and connect with each other, our mission, and the communities we serve. As a nonprofit, we believe that it’s important to support the work and goals of our peers and partners, and to give back and support the communities we serve together.

“A safe place to live is one of the basic foundations of success in life and provides stability, reliability and freedom from worry. I am grateful to work for a company that makes safe, decent, affordable and sustainable housing a reality. I see the concrete results of my work every day when I walk past buildings CPC has financed for and this gives me immense joy and satisfaction.”

Miriam Zinter | VP, Mortgage Officer, Rochester, NY
8 years at CPC