A certified carbon neutral company, CPC is committed to creating capital products, advising on best practices, and promoting solutions for decarbonizing the built environment and increasing investments in the green economy.

CPC launched its sustainability platform in 2008 to promote energy and water conservation measures that improve the financial and physical quality of the buildings and communities in which we live and work. The cost savings and climate risk reduction associated with energy efficiency and decarbonization measures plays a key role in ensuring the long-term economic stability and affordability of multifamily properties and the communities they serve.

  • 1st nonprofit real estate company to achieve Carbon Neutral Operations
  • 12,000+ Sustainable Units Financed Since 2015
  • Nearly $2 billion in green lending since 2015
  • 75% of sustainable units financed serve low income populations

“CPC is proud to be a leader in the multifamily real estate industry’s movement toward high-performance buildings. When we talk to our customers and peers about bringing energy efficiency to the multifamily sector, it is important to us that we’re having those conversations from a place of accountability as a carbon neutral company.”

Sadie McKeown | President, The Community Preservation Corporation

Our Approach


To add value to the market and support the adoption of increased environmental and economic sustainability, CPC offers a variety of publicly available resources for the multifamily ecosystem. Our trainings, convening events, research, and publications equip lenders, public partners, and building owners with information to help accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. Our work has helped inform local and state policy, underwriting strategies, and financing opportunities for the multifamily sector.

Financing High Performance Guide

Sustainable Affordable Housing White Paper

CPC VeriFi

Calculate potential utility savings and explore financing options for multifamily building water and energy efficiency upgrades.

Carbon Neutral Summit


Data from CPC’s sustainability portfolio has supported our public partners in making informed policy decisions and designing government-funded programs that address critical housing challenges. CPC uses our policy voice to inform practical solutions alongside stakeholders and legislators at the local, state and federal level.

Public Comments and Testimony

View written comments and testimonies from our sustainability experts on our Policy page.


CPC explores and deploys new tools, programs, and products to finance energy efficiency, high-performance and decarbonization measures. We aim to bring these practices to the forefront of affordable housing development.

  • CPC is partnering with Valley National Bank to finance up to $100 million in permanent loans that meet various Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards such as green building practices and reduced emissions. CPC and Valley are working to intentionally address the impacts of climate change through the mortgage process by incenting developers to reach further with a lower rate and higher leverage.
  • Underwriting Efficiency – CPC pioneered “underwriting savings” as a way for lenders to account for future utility savings in their underwriting and free up capital to finance energy efficiency measures. We share this methodology in our Underwriting Efficiency guide.
  • CPC VeriFi 1.0 is an online software application that harnesses big data to allow building decision makers to calculate potential utility savings and explore financing options for multifamily building water and energy efficiency upgrades.


The backbone of CPC’s sustainability intiative is our own portfolio of energy efficient and high-performance buildings. Below are current financial products available to finance sustainability solutions for multifamily building owners and developers.

Climate Friendly Homes Fund – Open for Applications

The $250 million fund provides grants for owners of 5-50 unit rental buildings in New York State to replace less energy-efficient systems with all-electric, high-performance heating, cooling, and hot water heating systems.

Sustainable Mortgage Program

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