Community Capital Advisors

Equity Investments

CPC’s Equity Investment platform provides mission-driven investments into the preservation and creation of high quality housing at affordable and workforce rents. We invest —into properties, portfolios, platforms, and funds —alongside both established and emerging teams who are committed to preserving and extending affordability, protecting our environment, stabilizing and revitalizing communities, meeting the needs of underserved populations, reducing the equity gap, and responding to the shamefully long history of racial injustice.


Our patient approach to supporting long-term ownership of multifamily buildings ensures our buildings remain financially strong and physically sound. CPC’s Equity Investment platform leverages our record as an innovative housing finance partner to ensure that we can always find creative financing solutions for the right partners.


The diversity of our work reflects our dynamic approach to equity investments:
Preservation of Affordability Across Portfolios of Buildings


Rehab and Revitalization of Public and Section 8 Housing


Investments into Single Properties