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Owning property and developing real estate is entrepreneurial in nature and some level of risk comes with the territory. Through knowledge, partnerships and patience, developing or owning rental property can be both financially and personally rewarding. Our advice: start small.

Although every project and borrower is unique, small building projects (generally with 5 to 49 units) tend to have one thing in common: they serve as an entry point for multifamily real estate professionals. Because of their size, small building projects are a practical first step for new owners interested in growing their real estate development knowledge and experience.

While developing, owning and managing small buildings is not always simple, small building developers and owners are some of the most important providers of rental housing in the United States. Small buildings make up the majority of the multifamily rental housing stock in this country, and it is because of the energy, entrepreneurship and talents of owners and developers that so many people have places to call home.