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When considering taking on a small building project, it is important to know all four phases involved for financing. Below is a quick overview to map out the key steps:


  • This is the research, due diligence and information gathering phase to optimize your project and determine viability.
  • Consider your team. A range of expertise is needed to develop and maintain small multifamily buildings. Identify supporting experts who will complement your skill set.
  • Assess the site and project, including the physical needs of a site, researching market and municipal considerations and understanding how these affect the bottom line.
  • Explore financial options and the process of working with a lender.


Examine the paperwork needed to close and what to expect on closing day, such as commitment letters, common documents and legal considerations/costs.


Learn the standard requirements of a construction loan, including the requisition process, change orders and converting to a permanent mortgage.


Ensuring a small multifamily building is occupied and in good health requires ongoing work, including marketing and renting units, hiring a property manager and maintaining your building. Management of these elements determines the long-term profitability of your business.

Download the Small Multifamily Building Project Financing Process Map