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Ending the NYCHA Blame Game

By Rafael E. Cestero, Chief Executive Officer

As you know, over the last few years we have spoken out regarding the need to preserve the New York Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) public housing stock. We have written op-eds, spoken to the media, and we put our money where our mouth is and are working with the PRC team on a RAD project to rehabilitate 1,700 distressed NYCHA apartments. With CPC’s continued focus on making an impact in the greater policy discussions that are taking place, I felt that we had a responsibility to try to move the needle with respect to the narrative around NYCHA.

I wanted to share with you a position paper that we’ve developed over the course of the last few months that lays out a multi-pronged solution to address NYCHA’s critical needs. “Ending the NYCHA Blame Game: A Multi-Pronged Solution to Fix Decades of Disinvestment can be viewed and downloaded at this link on the CPC website. The paper, which I discussed in an op-ed in today’s Daily News, and in a recent article in the Gotham Gazette, is a product of conversations with and feedback from our government, private and nonprofit partners, as well as our experience with the NYCHA Manhattan bundle.

Congress could potentially approve up to $80 billion in capital funding for public housing, we have a new governor in office and a new mayoral administration on its way – both of whom have indicated that public housing will be a priority. Now is the time to try and elevate the discourse around the programs and policies needed to make NYCHA whole. Our paper provides a realistic path forward with multiple pieces working in concert to ensure NYCHA receives the resources and support it needs to preserve its housing and provide for its long-term maintenance and operation.

Download "Ending the NYCHA Blame Game" Here

By Rafael E. Cestero, Chief Executive Officer
Rafael E. Cestero is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), and a member of its board of directors.


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