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A Step Forward

By Rafael E. Cestero, Chief Executive Officer

Yesterday, most Americans felt an enormous sense of relief. After generations of humiliation, violence and death with no measure of justice or accountability for even the most heinous acts of brutality against the Black community, justice and accountability were delivered.

Clearly the jury could not turn away from what we all saw in over nine minutes of video of the end of George Floyd’s life. Derek Chauvin got exactly what he deserved. That video was incredibly hard to watch, as have been the months that have followed as our country has struggled with our collective history. It was equally hard to believe that accountability would finally come – thankfully, yesterday it did.

But this one verdict cannot erase generations of systemic racism nor can Mr. Chauvin’s obvious guilt be applied in all cases. This is a step forward and hopefully something we can all use to build a more just, equitable and fair country.

More importantly, this verdict cannot bring back George Floyd. A life cut far too short by a murderer who was sworn to protect and serve. Nothing can ease that pain.  Hopefully, now, Mr. Floyd’s family can find some closure and peace. As I said over the summer, to honor his life and so many others, we need to continue to take steps forward toward equity and justice.

Yesterday was a big step, but it cannot be the last. We all must continue our journey, individually and as an organization committed to social change.

As an organization committed to social change, CPC will continue our journey, as we all must continue our individual journeys, toward a more just and equitable society.

By Rafael E. Cestero, Chief Executive Officer
Rafael E. Cestero is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Preservation Corporation (CPC), and a member of its board of directors.


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