The new Public Trust model would finally empower NYCHA to leverage debt, allowing it to deploy capital quickly, cut through antiquated procurement rules, and make tangibles improvements in the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.


As you know, over the last few years we have spoken out regarding…


I’m pleased to announce that CPC has partnered with Governor Cuomo and New…


Across the country, we’re seeing housing prices rise, renters who are struggling to…


Rafael E. Cestero on The CPC Way Blog: A hold on evictions is one piece of the puzzle that helps keep people in their homes, but in order to alleviate the stress that is weighing on our economic system and threatening the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors, we need emergency rental assistance for those who are struggling to cover housing costs.


The fallout from COVID-19 has seen millions of people lose their jobs, their income, and their ability to pay their rent. The hardest hit are those who are most in need, living at or near poverty and in marginalized communities. In a recent article in CityLab, CPC’s President & CEO, Rafael E. Cestero discusses the impact that these interconnected, rapidly mounting pressures on renters, owners, and local government budgets could have on the state of affordable housing.


Instead of pitting renters and owners against each other in a time of crisis, we should be aligning our interests and pushing Congress to include rental assistance in the next stimulus package.


Dear Friends and Partners, I hope this note finds you well. I understand…


Small buildings are the foundation of the multifamily housing stock across New York…


In Fiscal Year 2019 (FY 19), The Community Preservation Corporation (CPC) continued to…


As the dust settles from the most significant rent reforms New York State has seen in decades, the affordable housing industry, in partnership with the City, must be ready to adjust to a new normal.


I recently came across a two-part question in Politico Magazine’s What Works section,…


CPC and partners recently celebrated the start of a gut rehabilitation of 63…


CPC takes pride in working closely with communities to finance housing that aligns with their development plans and the unique needs of their residents.