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Sustainability Initiatives
The need for healthy, stable, and viable housing has never been more critical to the economic and environmental sustainability of our communities. By supporting the development of more energy efficient buildings, we can ensure stable ownership of multifamily rental buildings, preserve rental affordability, and create more sustainable communities.
Underwriting Energy Efficiency: A Lender Handbook
  • How-to guide for lenders

At every transaction, mortgage lenders have an opportunity to talk to building owners about improving building efficiency. By realizing the benefits of efficiency on loan performance and incentivizing owners to pursue efficiency, lenders encourage investments that will strengthen cash flow, improve property value, and lower the risk of delinquency. This easy-to-read handbook will help decision makers understand the benefits of sustainability, and how to positively impact the multifamily housing stock.

Eligible Uses
  • Acquisition
  • Refinance
  • New Construction
  • Rehabilitation