Newburgh Main Street Summit

On Friday, May 5th 2017 CPC hosted a Newburgh Main Street Summit – an interactive seminar consisting of panel discussions and presentations by government and industry experts to provide insight on development opportunities and related programs and processes in Newburgh, New York.

To see the full agenda in pdf form, click here.

PDF versions of presentations can be downloaded by clicking the links in the below recap.

Session #1: GOINGS ON AROUND TOWN: Community Development

Presented by key stakeholders working in Newburgh, this session gave an overview of the development and community revitalization efforts taking place today. Covering topics from public and green space, to creative communities, to residential development and preservation of small building housing stock, this session set the scene for the day’s conversations.
MODERATOR: Madeline Fletcher, Newburgh Community Land Bank, Executive Director
Lisa Silverstone, Executive Director, Safe Harbors
• Kevin O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, RUPCO, Inc.
• Joe Czajka, Senior Vice President for Research, Development & Community Planning, Patterns for Progress
• Cathy Collins, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity
Shay Sellars, Founder and Managing Director, SASRE Properties

Session #2: HOW TO GET IT DONE: City Owned Properties, Newburgh Community Land Bank Properties, City Approval Process & Real Estate Tax Incentives

In this session, we heard how to develop in Newburgh. Covering everything from land acquisition to real estate tax incentives available in Newburgh, we learned best practices for getting your project to completion.

MODERATOR: Alexandra Church, City of Newburgh, City Planner
David Kohl, Economic Development Specialist, City of Newburgh
Thomas Burwell “Burr” Dodd, RIPRAP, LLC. and Brooklyn Fire Proof Inc.
• Madeline Fletcher, Executive Director, Newburgh Land Bank
• William “Bill” Horton, Assistant Fire Chief, City of Newburgh


Session #3: INTERACTIVE SESSION: What is Working in Other Communities?

This brainstorming session discussed programs and incentives that are promoting community development in other communities across the Hudson Valley. We discussed everything from IDA and new partnership models, real estate tax pilots, other municipal incentives, and best practices used in other small Hudson Valley Cities to encourage and increase developers to invest in Downtowns and Main Streets.
Sadie McKeown, Chief Operating Officer, CPC
Teri Waivada, Executive Director, Newburgh Industrial Development Agency


Session #4: FINDING FUNDING: Accessing Financing in Newburgh

In this last session we got the inside scoop on how to get financing from experts investing in Newburgh. We learned about private capital and debt financing as well as the various programs offered by State and Local governments.
MODERATOR: Doug Olcott, Senior Vice President and Regional Director, CPC
Crystal Loffler, Director, New York Main Street, NYSHCR
• Mary Paden, Vice President and Senior Mortgage Officer, CPC
• Kim Jacobs, Executive Director, Community Capital
• Greg Maher, Executive Director, Leviticus
• John Ebert, Rehabilitation Planner, Orange County Office of Community Development