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At CPC, we utilize our deep, strategic relationships with government agencies, local community groups, banks, and other lenders to create customized loan opportunities for our customers. Use the filters below to see which loan products might be a fit for your project.

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FHA Section 223(f)
  • Multifamily refinance and acquisition
  • Long-Term fixed rate
  • Up to 90% LTV
Freddie Mac Multifamily Workforce Housing Forward Rate-Lock Pilot Program
  • Fixed rate permanent financing in New York State
  • Interest rate is locked during construction
Freddie Mac Conventional Financing
  • Loan Size: $5 million - $100 million
  • 5, 7, 15 -Year Terms; 30 Year Amortization Standard
  • Fixed Rate
Construction Lending
  • Minimum Loan Size: $100,000
  • Competitive Terms and Rates
  • Streamlined Approval Process For Loans Under $1 million
Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan (SBL)
  • Loan Size: $1 million - $7.5 million
  • 5, 7, 15 -year Fixed-Rate Loan; 20-year Hybrid ARM
  • 30-year Amortization Standard in All Markets
Long Term Fixed-Rate Financing
  • Forward Rate-Lock Up to 24 Months
  • Minimum Loan Size: $100,000
  • 15 and 30 Year Terms
  • Non-Recourse (with SONYMA Insurance)