Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are

CPC offers construction, rehab, and refinancing loans to developers of multifamily investor-owned housing in New York.

Yes, we are a non-for-profit mortgage lender.
We also have a for-profit subsidiary, CPC Resources, which provides equity and does development.
We have member banks that supply lines of credit that we can use to finance properties in low, moderate and middle-income communities.
CPC can finance difficult-to-finance properties that might not otherwise qualify for standard bank financing — such as very small properties and properties that may need subsidies. We also work closely with new developers, giving them the support they need to be successful.
How We Can Help
Throughout New York State in low, moderate and middle-income communities.
It depends on your project, your experience, and your financial history. There is no loan that is too small or too large because the projects we finance are all very different.
We have a variety of rates depending on the product. They are typically at the market.
Two units minimum (for smaller properties, we can finance the new construction or rehab of one-to-four family homes that are investor-owned, not owner occupied). No maximum.
Yes, under certain circumstances. Please contact a regional mortgage officer to discuss your property.
No. CPC only finances multifamily investor-owned housing.
No. CPC is a market-rate, not-for-profit mortgage lender.
Yes, we make loans on government-subsidized projects often. We partner and cooperate with government at all levels.
Yes, we are experienced at working with developers to overcome barriers.
Yes, through our for-profit subsidiary CPC Resources, Inc. (CPCR). CPCR will either joint venture with a private developer or serve as a developer for a fee.
Our Expertise
CPC gives our borrowers technical assistance and support from start to finish, to make sure that a project goes smoothly and cost-effectively.

CPC is particularly skilled at working with new developers who have little prior experience in real estate.

We provide extensive hands-on technical support. This includes finding contractors, helping with third party reports, and consulting on the project through all stages of development.
Need More Information?
Go to Contact Us and send an email with your question. We’ll get back to you with an answer.
To contact a regional mortgage officer in the area that your project is located, click here.